Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wuxi 无锡

Was in Shanghai and had the weekend free.  So I was fretting where else can I go since I've been to most places around Shanghai (eg  Suzhou  Hangzhou  etc)  and I didn't have that much time.
And someone recommended wuxi and yangzhou.  And I went online to research.  And haha.  There were more street food photos in wuxi.  So my decision was wuxi.
There are many frequent trains from Shanghai to wuxi so I took my time.  Made my way to the station and off I went.
*note for hostels foreigners can stay is limited mostly with the yha  logo.  For the rest it caters to mostly locals.  So I made my booking for 无锡徐霞国际青少年旅社.
From the speed Railway Station walk along with the rest of the locals then look for exit a then you will find bus 203 and stop at 梁青路 then walk straight around 15 minutes and it's inside the building beside 小岛佳苑. It's inside the compound all the way at the side.  Not inside the building.  (frankly it's location is convenient for one to get to the tourist places oh and it's near a mall but I find they aren't very helpful. But it could also be that I could speak Chinese. And erm  because I could speak Chinese they placed me with local Chinese students/workers who were there staying on long term so the desk was filled with their items. I am OK with it but not sure for the rest of you who have gone to better hostels. But overall reasonable value)

As usual food is the highlight of my every trip, determining eventually if i fall in the place or not.
 I made my way to the nanchang  bu xing  jie  南昌步行街 with high hopes in search of good street food.  was disappointed as they were no street food at all.  And Because the period that I was there temperature had suddenly dropped to icy temp and many shops were closed. But the good side of it was that I could take a quiet walk and just be reflective among the streets.  Same goes for huishan old town 惠山古镇. Thankfully however, I walked around the nearby streets and manage to find some good local street snacks.
The salted pork ribs, And this mei hua gao with sesame.

And the much raved about dumplings. Which hmm. I think was ok. 
With nothing much to do in town I went around the tourist places.  And decided to take the long ride bus to 灵山 ling  mountain to get a scenic worthwhile bus ride ( it was a flat fee at a public rate) 

And boy I was glad I went there.  Because it was at a higher elevation there.  The blossoms were in full view. Not interested in the statues I just went around taking photos of the blossoms.  And I spotted there was a tourist bus that was stopping by somewhere called 拈花弯古镇.(lingshan town nianhua  bay) 

 And that became the highlight of my trip.  And for this,  I would definitely make my way back there again!!  Nature.  Flowers.  Good food.  Cute baby monks that we use to see in those comedies. Love it! 
*note the ticket covers the trip to lingshan  then to nianhua  bay  then to one of the train station

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