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On board 43rd Sseayp . My story

My sketches of info on SSEAYP.

Sseayp 2016 - peace and development between Asean and Japan
Mission: Promote friendship and mutual understanding
Develop leadership
Do not seek to please others.  You do not know them.  You know you. 
Everyone life is filled with their own history and reasons do not judge always be open to listen
Stories that tells of being part of the possibility
Arts and craft Social
Value of it to you
Live life each  day asking
Did I live this day fruitful
Do I regret not doing anything that I wanted today?
When you go on the ship or anywhere it needs to have a purpose
For example when you signed up for SSYEAP. What was your purpose.
Have one. To practice a language? Then practice it as often as you can.
Have an active plan and follow closely to it
So the journey will feel more meaningful

My own learning during the ASEAN Quiz.
Power point learning
Picture. Behind
Delete the picture with the number in front
Ask to go and ask questions
Come back then tick the answer to the fixed questions

My own learning during Cambodian culture sharing.
Cambodia art
Rice water
Sponge tap it

3rd Dec
There is nothing right about the left brain and nothing left about the right brain
- are we open about issues happening about in the world or do we keep it away from sight? 
Do what you feel strongly about
What is it after SSEAYP?
Have you done all you could or should?
It's not the failure that matter but the process and journey
You are the future leaders
Make the changes you would like to see

2nd Dec
1. Respect diversity
Different religion different ethic groups different educational background so yet you respect each other
2. Tolerance 
3. Teamwork
Work together despite differences
4. Competition
Healthy competition to achieve better results.
Compete yet compliment each other
Learning of the spirit
- broader perspective
Diplomacy :
1. Combine personal excellence with personal experience
Must be knowledgeable with what your profession is as a diplomat you must master the info and potentials of the country you are going and your country
2. Being a promoter of cooperation and relation be an opportunity seeker find the opportunities where you can cooperate 
eg  Japan needs some materials from Indonesia - know the quality competitive prices
3. Image builder
Expose the excellence of your country present the best of your country
4. Maturity - mutual understanding
Mutually beneficial cooperation - win win situation
5. Bridge builder
We have differences but must pursue common interest
If you have some conflict you must be  part of the solution
Look for similarities
To have a comprehensive knowledge about everything politics economic social etc
Dare to be the best
Try to reach the max level of your achievement
6. What you have achieve must be shared with others - it's important to share the achievement and recognize others efforts
Contribute to world peace base on freedom lasting peace and social justice
- how can I make others happy
The less you hate the more happy you are
As long as what you do is beneficial to others as long as it affects one do it
Help others to simplify life
Be a part of the solution
Eg  conflict in Yemen
What is your comment on the attack
Find a common interest or position of one another
Diplomacy is the best solution to avoid war
What would you do differently
Are you part of negative content or positive content about friendship tolerance etc
It's a choice - be the positive content

1 Dec
How Asian countries create policies on youth
Methods of discussion to make it more fun
Increase participation for the members
Need more practical things eg  innovation - youth books-challenge to do something with it - use creativity on the spot
Business pitching pushing beyond comfort zone which is what entrepreneurship is about
How to come up with the answer on the spot
Social contribution

30 Nov
Writing future postcard - say once dim  lights

29 nov
Speed dating hiv  topic

28 Nov
Arts track - do singing art etc then becomes emcee
SMS or call to keep updated on activities
Knows their skills set
Communication is free and dependent on them
Students who are assigned to courses left over usually drop out after 3 Months so they keep them interested in their interest
Go to basketball etc to get youth to youth
Eg  Put our leftover to a good use. Example last year the shirts donated were sent to the country whose was hit by a disaster. sent from Japan which was the last stop

25 Nov day 32
CA Laos making hat
A time filled with excitement and fun
Delighted that many enjoyed the performance 

24 Nov day 31
Ca  family
Ambassador of good will

23 Nov day 30

22 Nov Day 29
Dg  debrief
Np practice

21 Nov day 28
Return from Thailand
Threw the ribbon to host
Was very sick.  Felt so weak and sleepy.  Nearly fainted on closing. 

20 Nov day 27
Thailand Bangkok - sat all transport. 

19 Nov day 26
Sg  session made the flower floating in the school
Homestay -2 university girls whose parents worked in Brunei as masseurs
Sold bottles for some money reminded me indeed how I should not take everything for granted
And should treasure

18 Nov day 25
Opening ceremony
Thailand muted
Flood when we arrived

17 Nov day 24
16 Nov day 23
15 Nov day 22

14 Nov day 21
In headquarters
Open ship for Vietnam

13 Nov day 20
Tried to remember names of the food items that I ate
Banh bot loc
Banh uot ( rice cakes
Nem cuon
Hu tieu
Banh xeo
Nuoc ngo

Nov 12 day 19
To tun  duc  thang  university
Sustainable stable growth
Innovation and progress
Largest university in Vietnam
Patient lifting equipment
Robot assisting
The only constant is change
Do something for the country
Each Vietnamese has 2 SIM cards
Free trade agreement
Start up in Vietnam
1. Technology
2. Commerce
3. Agriculture
4. Education
Startup - financial resources and ideas
Hair saloon apply method of trending people to
Koto  use method network train people become chef  and bartender
It's all about implementation
In Vietnam primarily focus on food and drink
Coffee is important cheap and good quality don't care about service or
For those hawkers on the side of road must run when police come but still OK
Property rental in Vietnam expensive? It's OK Open to foreigners?  Yes
Host family. They divide into district to introduce the program
Very well organised
Each district head recognised
Introduce program to families

Nov 11 day 18
Arrival at Vietnam port
OMG.  Back to land.  Had such a grand welcoming party with police guiding traffic

Nov 10 day 17
Dg  presentation on business idea
My idea was a language travel hostel
CA ideas.  Very innovative ideas and refreshing video
Reflection stop the feelings
Dg  presentation
Someone presented Idea on social story inspiring
And the tamagochi toy bank

Nov 9 day 16
Sg  activity
Ermm  it was...
Is it an age issue? 

Nov 8 day 15
Commemorate typhoon haiyan
Life is short treasure every moment.
Google pattern
Google Scholar

Nov 7 day 14
Morning call
Sseayp foster relationship build trust after ww1
Trading and imports are crucial
And sharing of problems and solutions important strategic partners - economic and social affairs
Eg  Ageing  labor market
Why ship
Time away from busy life
Passengers can concentrate  and put effort
What type of country we should be?  Share opinions and work together for better solutions
Global citizen see things nationally and globally
To make most of sseayp
Group of leaders
Representing your  country - your people and your culture
Diversity - rules that others observe
Eg  religion diet - respect
Story of each history - be open
Friends in need - sometimes you question if you truly understand each other
Misunderstood ? Everyone goes through this to a certain extent
In times of hardship please help one another
Give them a few kind words and listen to them
Successful : Eg  japanese  trading thai  products in Japan
Thailand  counterpart was working in the government
Right - Japan to be given
Usa  to be taken and to fight for your rights
Understand your counterpart point
Understanding culture differences - include understanding different people thinking
Policy exchanges
Build trust make it last for a lifetime

Nov 6- day 13
Meeting steering committee
To learn
Be respectful Use thank you sir
Listen to others
Now then I wonder how many worms in the can is there that we cannot communicate and resolve it peacefully but always go up to a big issue
the cooperation of neighboring countries that We work together as one

Nov 5 day 12
Morning exercise was fun
Was filled with life as different songs to different culture

Nov 4 day 11
Open ship for the families of the local Japanese and for friends and all leaving in japan
Someone from Singapore came from hr  bank she moved to Japan 2 years back
as the ribbon was thrown to the other side
Such symbolism
The one that was successfully thrown over. 
They tied an additional to extend it
As the ship left the port And the farewells were filled with tears
As we sang the song it was this moment that felt surreal on the sea now on a journey to something more on a journey of a lifetime
Sea made me a little sick but I'm glad I'm fine

Nov 3 day 10
Check out from NYC  and board the ship
Feelings of excitement as we got off land
Greeting us at the port of Tokyo
Hilarious as they had a sheet man performance at night teaching us how to o fold the sheets
Very interesting and refreshing way of presentation

Nov 2 day 9
Talk by unhrc
Reflection do where your heart tells you to.  Purpose. 
Discussion session with Singapore in dg
Spoke about what are youths
In different groups talked about what were the social issues  elaborated on unemployment reasons and solutions and homelessness and how to become better community
Timing was strict
Placards with countdown and stop
Farewell to local py
Met local py  who set motto to just say yes to everything and step out of comfort zone

Nov 1 day 8
Cultural performance
People said we look like blooming orchids
Dg  discussion : Components of a better community
Yls  discussion activities

31st Oct day 7
Check in to NYC  Tokyo
Discussion on industrialization and green protection

30th Oct day 6
At Togari we went to visit snow monkey
Monkeys reacted like human beings
Had a yummy self made Tofu  meal awesome
Chilled out
Free feet onsen
Chilled at this travel cafe map CAn write messages and tag

29th Oct day 5
Nagano  city
Morning was an introduction of the city fan throwing and samurai Sanada showcase
Iyeo  reception introduce to homestay
Spy sang home
Left for homestay at Togari  iiyama city
Host mentions she parks her car at station and go to nagano when needed as her house is very far from the city
Drove 1 hour from nagano  to the house

28th Oct day 4
Arrived in nagano
Amazing chill out time with sg d group
Went to meet district minister 
Presentation by iyeo
Letter by host family specially those written by the children were so sweet
Went to the onsen amidst the freezing wind
Realise the health benefits of an osen
Japanese py  was in charge and we had to take taxi  back to the hotel for safety

27th Oct day 3

26th oct day 2
Inauguration ceremony
Other contingents were very well disciplined

25th Oct day 1
Off to Japan. Filled with excitement. 
Checked into new otani  Tokyo hotel
Amazing coordination from japan
Everything printed in booklet with clear details

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