Monday, November 23, 2009

Real De Cartoce , Mexico

A week later I overheard some of my international friends planning for a "real de cartoce" trip. I had heard it was a place where opium was widely available , along the streets , along the roads - where deserts made up most of the place. Being so unqiuely so, how could I not go. And boy was I not disappointed. I totally loved it., Loved the place, loved the food, loved the company. There was no opium though - not that I used it. haha..

However note: It is not a convenient tourist spot so there aint many buses that goes there. So make sure you know how to get there and do some planning and go at the right time :)

Feliz Viajie and the dusty roads and the numerous hills and the self-set up stalls greeted us upon our arrival. It totally fitted in the image of how it was described. Then we found out next that the only mode of transport to the town was either to walk in the long wet tunnel or get up on a horse-pulling carriage. loved it! loved it! It was like a movie scene.

After an estimated of 15 minutes of house riding, we finally reached the town. We made our way to our accomodation. While we were walking to the accomodation, guess what, there was another small open market- who said it was a deserted place - well then we heard it was because there was a religious festival going on - no wonder. Always loved the open markets. Cheap and good food and snacks and fruits with the sour chilli powder. Favourite!

And as we trudged to our accomodation, ( I say trudged because the route was really full of upslopes- as seen in the picture), we managed to check out the scenary all around which was amazing. The cactuses, the rocky roads, the yellow flowers :)

We finally reached our accomodation which had a view that was breathtaking. Was so thankful that we booked because we heard that all accomodation was fully booked. One of my friend had to rent (not a room) but a space on the ground to sleep with only cardboard and nothing else. 50 mexican pesos.

But for me, the market was better. Everyone quickly put down our bags and headed for the market. To make it even better, we manage to catch the procession for the religious ritual.- pastorela Franscicana - research says its a historical Catholic belief - not too sure about it.

With all the climbing to and fro, we decide to take a break and go for the activities the next day.
The next day we woke up fresh and all ready
The horses were waiting for us - we were going horse riding on the cliffs - it was scary and frightful especially when they horses lose their footings at some loose rocks but it was so fun.
We reached our destination after an hour of horse riding - the 'stonehedge'
It was lovely. So serene. So nature.

Then at night we went to a famous restaurant in the district " El Real Restarante" - it has been frequented by many movie stars - and the food is indeed fantastic - they had rabbit stew and meat, beef and all - very tender and yummy.

The next morning, it was so cold. We woke up to the cold mist blowing in our rooms

We put on our cold gear and went about to our sight seeing again. Up and Up we climbed over a hill, over lots of rocks and stairs, to reach the cross - above the town. The wind blew against our perspiring backs and flushed faces - wonderful!

And since it was our final night there, we quickly went about doing our shopping :) and participated in some musicc concert that they were having on the streets. Love that about Mexico. The passion for music and dance.

And in the early evening we made our way to find a vehicle to take us to the bus station which was outskirt of the town down the tiny winding small paths. And guess what, t car fitted 26 people and since it was so crowded( because of the festival), we had to sit on the top of the car or grab the side bar that was portruding out of the car - it was such an exciting experience - was had to make sure we avoided the branches and wires that were above just at our heads. hahaha. exhilarating ride!

hHigh recommended place! I absolutely loved it! :) Real de Cartorce.

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