Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guanajuanto, Mexico

Soon it was time for the next trip - Guanajuanto! :)

Once again we reached there early in the morning though this time to Guanajuanto, it was an estimated 9 hours to 10 hours journey.

Our first stop was the "Mummies museum"
It was intriguing to me. I loved it.

Next we did a walk around the area looking through the shops
spotted a cute boy! Mexican kids have such nice features!

Then we spotted some really cute pinatas
I have always had this question about Pinatas. When I first reached Mexico, my friend had a birthday party so the Mexicans told me I had to buy a pinata, I went to the market and bought a girl because it was the only nice big one. In the Chinese custom, you use a slipper and hit a figurine only if you detest the person (its like a curse) but in Mexico, you use a baton and hit the pinata for good luck and to rid of all the sins- something like that. The girl pinata was so scary, I used the plastic bag to cover it the whole time. hahahahahaha...

At the same time , while walking we saw some talents trying to make a living
- Anime drawing and caricatures
- Costume-suited comedians
- Freeze and sudden moving statues

And since it was close to the "day of the dead"- dia de muerto in Mexico, there were stores selling offerings to the dead ( skull shaped sweets, masks, cups etc)
Then walked around somemore and spotted some celebration going on where there were street performances everywhere
There was one with spanish jokes so I did not get most of it hahaha
Then there was another one where they did stunts ( a baby came into the scene for one and they jokingly told the baby that he was too small - that was hilarious!)
Then I went for an art exhibition
They were showcasing some floor-room design
It was quite interesting
To mark the end of the Guanajuanto journey
We went for a so-call natural spa pool
After that we were so refreshed, we did our favourite SMU/Star jump! :)

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