Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Penang day 3 : Sunday car free street + The best tar Sau Piah in Penang + Durian Feast

On our final day, was glad to be a Sunday and one of our roomies shared with us on the car free area where a carnival is held - its called Project Occupy Beach Street.
Beach Street Road will be officially close for Pedestrians, cyclist, skaters, joggers, walkers starting from 7am until 1pm every SUNDAY.
地点:Beach Street Penang


Early in the morning, we went in search of bicycles for rental. (Note: For Penang, start early. In the afternoon its killer heat) but alas, there were only 2 bicycles and there was only the special trishaw like dual bicycle. So we took it - I'm glad we did it was so much fun! And everyone was showing us so much interest lol
Rented our bicycles and with our map, off we went.
To fill our stomach
Strongly recommended by our hostel boss. 
Here we ate like there was no tomorrow. Hilarious.

Many plates of Char Kway Teow - Oh yes remember to tell uncle "Duck egg" makes it much nicer!

Prawn noodle soup - which i felt was so so

Lor Mee - which I like - because I'm always a fan of Lor Mee

And the best of all, nutmeg drink.

 After a very filling meal, we made our way to the carnival Project Occupy Beach Street.
Areas to park your bicycle.
I love the atmosphere there.
There were lots of stalls that promoted DIY Art and projects, Handmade gifts, books, bags and even games and I love it because its always great providing an avenue for such showcases. 

Big old school board games for the children

Clowns who did balloon art for children.

Yes its ice cream.
Ice cream below, oreo crumbs on the top and plastic plant inserted in.
My friend said the ice cream is not nice though. But very interesting idea!

Then there was 2 singers who would be releasing their EP Soon if I didn't hear wrongly.
And since their song was about life and dreams, they opened the space around them to let children do drawing in chalk. Some drew their dream houses, some declared their love etc etc

At such event, of course, there's also very interesting things such as this CHOPPER MASSAGE.
A very long queue for it.

Since we were in Penang as tourist, we went in search of the famous wall paintings.
Its like 3D Illusionary art.
Thankfully there were only a few that I did not manage to capture when I arrived on Friday 2 days ago because on Sunday, Penang was packed to the brim. There were people everywhere. And for these paintings, there were long LONG queues.

So I just captured the photos with the people in it. haha. Same Same what. With or without me in it.

Next, we stopped by this famous Tar Sar Pia Store. Recommended by locals.
My mum says its the best she had eaten. Very fresh. 
Its along Lorong Chulia.

Big bag and small bag of Tar Sar Piah.
We made our way to the must go place for Singaporeans and Malaysians alike.
Yummy Yummy!
Its just opposite Komtar mall.

Food. Cycling. Walking. And Hot sun. Equates to very tired tourists.
So we went back to the hostel for shelter in our air conditioned beds/rooms.

When sun had set, we made our way via bus to Gurney Drive. Sit bus 10 from Komtar bus terminal.
Frankly, nothing worth raving about.
The food in the city town center seems much better.

Ending off our day, one of the ladies recommended the ferry ride to Buttersworth.
So off we went to the Jetty to board it,
Just follow the long walk way and you'll reach there eventually.
Entering the holding area, its quite scary as the crowd begins to pack in.
Haha. And the instructions at the gate reads "All passengers shall be carried at their own risk"
And since we were running late and the ferry still not arriving, we decided to forgo the ferry.
Squeezed our way through the crowd was no joke.

Here's where the cars enter the ferry first. Then the gates open for the passengers to walk onto the ferry.

Since we were in the area, we made our way to the Chinese clans which we had not visited.

Ending off our trip in Penang with a plate of delicious wantan mee (just opposite our hostel) on Lorong Chulia. Opens only in the evening.

Took our bath and made it to Komtar for our bus back to Singapore.
(I had my return air ticket but decided to forgo it and go back early for my grandmother's birthday)
Initially I had my concerns - I mean 10 hours bus ride into the night? I had a back injury so I was worried if I could take the sitting up position for so long.
But we had a ferrari bus driver, who got us back to Singapore in 7 hours. Amazing!
Glad we were safe. And very comfortable bus seats. All just for 60rm.

(The return flight ticket that was quoted to me because I couldn't change mine, was 500rm. Goodness)

*Oh yes, for those taking the bus. I pad 3 rm extra for the ride from Komtar to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. So I had thought it would be a direct bus. But no there will be a small van that they try to squeeze as many people in it (all going to different destinations) then stop at the outskirts of Penang where you will board a big bus that will be going to Sungai Nibong. Then at Sungai Nibong, you will have to wait and find your bus number. We waited for close to 1.5 hour.


  1. Hi claressa,

    what is the address for the durian stall?? :)

    1. Apologies for the late reply. Its just opposite Komtar :)


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