Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taiwan: Pingxi -> Qingtong

Our whole family of close to 20 people made our way on our excursion in Taiwan with a freelance tour guide. It was recommended to us by a friend of mine. 

Freelance tour guide meaning we told him the places we wanted to go and of our interest and some of the places we wanted to stay and they will do the booking and planning. In addition, we could stay as long as we wanted to at places we liked and shorter time at places we did not. 

DAY 1 (14/10) 機場 Airport ----十分瀑布  PING AN TOWNSHIP WATERFALL ----平溪線小火車TRAIN ----平溪PING XI-羅東夜市 NIGHT MARKET----宜蘭民宿 HOMESTAY

Our first stop: Waterfall - which didn't interest us much. So we stood on the outside viewing.
In fact, we were exhausted because some of us could not get sleep in the plane ride.

Our second stop: Pingxi Town

We were famished and we pop by a store along this place. Awaiting for this ru rou fan. It was good!

But this ngioh hiang, not my cup of tea.

Noodles was okay. 

After sitting this cute train for like 10 minutes, we came to the old streets which was lovely! Very comfortable and it has a nice relaxing atmosphere. 

Along such a romantic spot, of course we had to light this - In chinese, its called Dian Ming Deng - English translation: Light the way lamp

Here's the designs in the shop

And here's ours. My uncle wishing blessing and peace for his family - all the names are written on it.

Next stop - Qingtong

This tou fu thing is my favorite. I've also always spot it on the streets in China and its my FAV! who can resist this? Its soaked inside the braise meat kind of sauce. Awesome!

And of course Freshly stuffed Taiwan Sausage. 

Tried this special ice cream but hmm. not really nice. Probably they should use better ice cream. It looks unique though when they mix freshly grated peanut, ice cream and chives together then wrapping it in PoPiah skin.

Ending off this post with my favorite. Taro Ball Red bean dessert. Shiok*

More to come on my next entries :)

DAY 2  (15/10) DAY 3  (16/10)傳統藝術中心CULTURE CENTER----採果 PICK FRUITS-----龍騰斷橋 BRIDGE-----勝興車站SHENG XING BUS STATION -----苗栗民宿 HOMESTAY
DAY 4  (17/10) 埔里酒廠-----合歡山A-LI-SAN-----青青草原(綿羊秀)GREEN PLAINS----紙箱王 PAPER RELATED VENUE----清境民宿 HOMESTAY
DAY 5  (18/10) 阿里山森林步道 STREETS OF ALISAN------奮起湖 LAKE------鄒族文化部落 CULTURAL DANCE---阿里山民宿 HOMESTAY
DAY 6  (19/10) 
達那伊谷 GOUGE ----鹿港小鎮 SMALL TOWN -----逢甲夜市 NIGHT MARKET ----台中酒店 TAI CHUNG HOTEL
DAY 7  (20/10) 
台中TAI CHUNG -----
----九份 JIU FEN----礁溪泡溫泉 HOT SPRINGS -----台北 BACK TO TAIPEI

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