Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shenzhen 深圳

Totally in love with Shenzhen.

Coming from Hongkong via train, its such a convenient to go shopping place after Hongkong.

For the subway, tap on the station you want to get to and it'll show you how much coins you need to give, then you'll get a plastic coin which allows you get in the station and out the station. One time. 
* Its really much easier to just get a MRT Card and get it refund after your whole journey. 

Awesome buys! Where can you find such beautiful shoes?
Totally my place!

Because Shenzhen is also where all the warehouses are 
You have everything in huge stock

After shopping for half a day, its time for food! And frankly its good!

Then back to shopping again. Only got back late at night.

Thats how much shopping I did. I'll be back again soon! Specially for shoes :)

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