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Chingay 2011 ~!~!~ Singapore

After travelling through numerous country, I have yet to speak about my own home, Singapore. So on this special Valentine Day, I want to dedicate my love to sunny Singapore - Chingay 2011 - put together with the hearts and soul of the People Association community.

The word Chingay is from the Hokkien dialect, of which the Mandarin equivalent is Zhuang Yi (妆艺), meaning “the art of masquerade”

This year, Chingay 2011 fell on 11th and 12th Feb
* Parade Day One: 11 Feruary 2011, Friday, 8.30PM at Formulae 1 Pit Building
(Guest of Honor: PM Lee Hsien Loong)
* Parade Day Two: 12 February 2011, Saturday, 8.00PM at Formulae 1 Pit Building
(Guest of Honor: President S R Nathan)

Pit building was a place of choice as it faces 2 of our Singapore Icons , the Flyer and Marina Bays Sands.

* Chingay this year is also organize at the Heartlands - which I find a wonderful idea especially to the old people who had to missed it because of movement inconvenience
o Chingay @ Aljunied GRC, 13 February 2011, Sunday, 6.00PM to 10.30PM
o Chingay @ North 2011, 19 February, Saturday, 6.00PM to 10.30PM
o Chingay @ Bishan - Toa Patoh Heartland, 20 February 2011, 7.00PM to 10.00PM

For those who plan to get the tickets next year,
Tickets to the Chingay Parade are usually available through Sistic (, ot tel: +65-6348-5555). Price range from Singapore dollars $25 to $55. ( Its a must-go in Singapore) - The atmosphere, the unity, the displays are just amazing.

For this year Chingay 2011, I liked that it was not just about different races but also about different countries all gathered together as one. Especially so when Singapore has open its doors to many foreigners who have since regarded Singapore as their home.

The Chingay opened its show with an 88 metre long dragons in the sky with a fire breathing float

and then followed by stilt walkers dressed in clown costumes and fire sticks

And then robots come marching out

Singapore’s first Indian Flower towers with their peacock float

together with the presentation of Chinese Cultures

Then they had the performance of the Imaginative Animal Kingdom (by the society who protects animals) where people adorn with zebra, giraffe and many more costumes appeared and started interacting with the audience - the host then explained that it was to signify animals and humans should live together in harmony.

Then the float by RWS - Marine life - suppose to signify endless excitment

Exotic Performances from China, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan and Mexico
Denmark Gymnastic



And also the floats and dances by various schools in Singapore - really commendable how much effort the schools have put in this

NUS - students from all the different halls


According to the host, the choreography and costumes revolve around four key words -- light, flight, reflection and inspiration. The four key words mirror the journey of our forefathers as they took flight from their countries of origin to realise their common dream of building a brand new life in Singapore. In this new land, the various races influenced and inspired one another to create a unique blend of Singaporean culture. This is emphasised through our choreography and costumes, which integrates stylistic elements from the Singapore’s three main races – Chinese, Indian and Malay.

National Travelling Dance Competition - I love this part. Everyone was so enthu and there are dancers from all different ages /generations.

With the float from CDCs

Passing on the Lamp ceremony and the release of 4,000 sky lanterns

Thumbs up to all who have contributed.
A preview into their rehearsal

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