Friday, October 8, 2010

Seoul : Snow Ski

Before I finish with my journey in Korea, There's one thing that everyone must do if you're in Korea for winter :) Yes, you guessed it right - Snow Ski or Board :)

My friend who was working in Seoul made some checking out and told us to meet at a certain station, however when we got there, no shuttle bus for that specific resort was there. So we walked aroudn a bit, ( it was so so cold) , and we spotted a shuttle bus to Jisan Forest Resort. We decided to just go to that resort and see how it goes.

Upon arrival to the resort, we quickly went to the information counter to make reservations and checks on the last bus back to Seoul. However we were informed that the shuttle buses were all full and so there was only 2 choices - either stay in a hotel and make our way back the next day or walk a distance down the road and take the public bus back to Seoul. We decided to walk down to the bus stop which was really quite a distance away probably 20 minutes walk - and in the cold - it was no joke - and the bus stop was not sheltered so you have to stand in the cold for quite some time before the bus comes.

(The buses were full because normally if you want to use the shuttle bus, you need to call in to let the resort people know , if you are a foreigner. If you are Korean, just need to log in to the website.)
* Seoul ↔ Jisan Resort Shuttle bus is available for a one-day rental only by making reservations through their homepage ( Since only the Korean homepage provides the reservation service, foreign visitors can use the telephone service. Tel. +82-31-644-1241~4

Alternative ways to get there:
(Taken from the website)

① Incheon International Airport → Jisan resort: Get on a bus bound for Icheon at 9D Station of Incheon International Airport (Operating Time: 07:20~21:20, at every 60 mins. / Travel time: 2 hrs. 40 mins. / Fee: 16,900won) → Taking a bus (No.12) bound for Cheonggangdae at Icheon Inter-city Bus Terminal (Operating Time: 06:45~21:30, 38 services a day / Travel time: 40 mins. / Fee: 1,500won) → Get off at Gyounghui Mart Station → Go straight and walk about 10 mins.
② Seoul → Jisan Resort: Get on a bus headed for Icheon at Dong Seoul Terminal (Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2) (Operating Time: 06:10~22:40, 54 services a day / Travel time: 1 hour / Fee: 3,800won) → Taking a bus (No.12) for Cheonggangdae at Icheon Inter-city Bus Terminal (Operating Time: 06:45~21:30, 38 services a day / Travel time: 40 mins./ Fee: 1,500won) → Get off at Gyounghui Mart Station → Then go straight (Walk 10 mins.).

Things to bring when you are there to save money on the rental of items needed for Ski:
*Bring a thick water proof outer coat
*long thick water proof pants
*waterproof gloves
*sunglasses to block away the snow that pelts at your eyes when you ski down the slopes.

For me, I did not bring anything other than my pair of cotton gloves. Used it and eventually ended up with frozen hands that couldnt move for some time after the numerous times fo falling and hands on the snow.

It is good to go with someone who knows how to ski and can teach you. We took the classes which came up to quite an amount. But being first time skiers, we really enjoyed ourselves and being able to ski was an achievement.

It was a whole lot of fun. Really recommend it.

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