Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mexico -Veracruz ,Cancun

Next up is the well-known beaches cities , Veracruz and Cancun :)
Where my mexican room mates stays :)
Not much pictures this time

For Veracruz, it was really a place for chilling under the sun and lying on the beach. It was an island surrounded by the sea. Shops all around sold seashell bracelets, necklaces and seashell engraved gifts. There was even sale of sand :) Veracruz is a place to chill and relax- hearing the seawaves, enjoying the fresh seafood and enjoying the sun on your back with your friends and family.

While there, my handsome friend's father brought us into his yatch out into the sea exploring for an island to rest on. While he navigated, he stopped at certain spots, for us ( my friend, my friend brother, me and my friend) to throw our fishing rods to catch the fishes. However there wasnt any fishes coming. So we decided to throw our bait to the seagulls flying around our yatch. The bait throwing was fun!

After an hour of navigating, we found a small island in the middle of the sea. The sand was so fine. The starfishes and shells were beautiful.

At night, you can take the night tour bus around Veracruz bringing you from one end to the other. A good way of exploring the city

Next up is...
Cancún [1] is a coastal city on the tourist destination called The Mexican Caribbean, that is the state of Quintana Roo, on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. It is a popular vacation spot on the Caribbean coast.
We then next sat a bus out to the famous Mayan Ruins - Tulum.
Tulum, an ancient walled city, overlooking the ocean form the top of a cliff, is one of the most frequented ancient cities in Mexico. Aside from its very original architecture decorated in symbols, a visit is also rewarded by splendid views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea and a tiny beach at the foot of the cliff where swimming is permitted.
The sight was amazing - imagine the green blue sea calling out to you!

We spent half a day admiring in Tulum and the next half resting at the Playa Del Carmen (beach) near it and our night in a town nearby for dinner as we heard of a very good restaurant called "La Cueva del Chango". It was indeed good. The atmosphere and the food was :) And we made our way back to Cancun to meet our friends for more pictures taking with our handsome host and his friends.

Shall post up more pictures when I have it for Cancun and Veracruz :)

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