Thursday, November 26, 2009


Before I continue blogging about my out of Monterrey excusions, decide to do one on Monterrey and the interesting things you can do as well.

Where I was staying - facing Cerro de silla ( the saddle mountain) - such refreshing view!

And of course the famous ITESM aka TEC University

That allow animals to roam around freely

And central plaza with its historical monuments

and its contemporary museum called Marco

and its regular art displays

and its street campaigns
Its paliament houses

and its parties! which has live bands. Live dances. The atmosphere is alive! Everyone moving to the groove- Everyone chanting the songs together, declaring it with so much passion - it is just amazing!

The best however for me is its streets
With the food it has!
Hot dogs!

Cheese with crackers and peanuts and chillies!
Tortas - bread with ingredients - its like a burger

Enchilladas - the rolled - lookalike chinese loveletters

Spicy fiery chicken wings
chilli mango slurpee slush and more.....

If you have kids, the science discovery is also quite fun!

Or if you wanna do some random unusual window shopping eg animals like snake, baby crocodiles, scorpian- hahaha - go to the mass flea market ( which some people say its not safe - but well.... main thing do becareful of your wallets. There are said to be stolen goods there too. ) But its fun and cheap shopping there. Its called (the bridge) La Puenta. You can get there by sitting ruta 1- the bus. Its a very big white tent

If you are a couple that just want to chill-lax somewhere.
Every weekend (nearly) there is an event performance - with folk dances, or songs/bands or plays! And some of the bands and dances are really fantastic. It is either held in the centro or fundidora

Or go to some of the traditional mexican fares that they have
That sells some really weird-looking food but tastes really nice

Conchitos - Tamarindo slush with chili

Crickets and oaxacan cheese
Or just shop around the open markets in the backend alleys of the centro
When I went it was close to Halloween, so... lots of toys for purchase

Or spice up your life by opening up a shop in the streets
My HK friend and I decided to do sell dumplings and porridge :)

Monterrey is a very city place - where the good elitc schools exists and where you can find english speaking people somehow - it is also more expensive than the other cities but.. its good. Its relatively safer ( as some says).

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